As 2011 has drawn to a close, many of us will find ourselves reflecting on last year's achievement and failures, victories and dissappointments.  The challenges of a nation in the throes of economic challenges has created stresses in nearly all households.  As real estate professionals, we are front line observers, sometimes participants in the turmoil of a real estate market at the the extreme end of a cycle.

Many of our neighbors have lost their homes by short sales or foreclosure.  Others have simply seen the equity in their homes dissappear, or fallen on hard times with fewer employment opportunities.  It can often be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's there.  It amazes me to see how resilient some people are.  Even under the direst of circumstancesonces, once they have assessed their circumstances and worked out the various outcomes and solutions, they always seem to land on their feet.  What's their secret? 

If you are asked what your "resolutions" are for the New Year, most of us have a list we can rattle off easily enough.  Some of us have the same list we carry from year to year, but really- are these "resolutions"?  This word is derived from RESOLVED (defined here as a determination made to follow some course of action).  Are you RESOLVED?

Almost everyone if asked what their goals are can deliver a short list such as "make more money, pay off the bills, spend more time with my kids, paint the house, take a vacation to Hawaii, buy a vacation home...etc.".  We all have these lists, but few ever get checked off in a years time.  Perhaps we should call it our list of idle intentions.

I once heard it said that the difference between a Goal and a Wish is action.  A goal without action is just a wish.   Succesful people map out their path to accomplish their goals.  Call it a business plan, life plan, or New Year's Resolutions - it's most likely to happen if it's been planned to happen, not occur by freak accident!

GOALS SHOULD BE ATTAINABLE - don't lower your standards, but make your goals easily achievable. Map out the road for how you will accomplish each goal, with all of the individual tasks required in between .  Then, when you have achieved your goal, celebrate, but don't stop there, OVER SHOOT YOUR GOAL!  Over-achieving can do wonders for your esteem.  You'll be more likely to set your future goals and expectations a little higher and have the confidence that you can achieve what you can envision.  Mapping your route to success in 2012 will do miracles for helping you achieve your goals.   Create your Happy New Year  through deliberate intention.


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