Education, training, coaching and mentoring are fundamentally necessary elements in the success and future of todays real estate agent's career.  At EXIT, this belief is put into action and is the basis and backbone of our success and continued growth.

We recently held a contest; the prize was Joe Stumpf's highly acclaimed "By Referral Only" marketing and training system ( $500 Value).  EXIT Agents interested in competing for the prize were asked to investigate the product and write a brief description of why they believed that employing this system into their real estate business would help them professionally.  From the submitted results, the chosen winner wrote:

"I have been doing a little research on the “By Referral Only” system and from what I understand, it seems like a program that might work for me. Basically, I try and put this philosophy to work already.. just didn’t know that there was a system to it. I try and provide good service to my clients in hopes that they will tell a friend or family member about it. So far, it has been panning out. I have repeat clients and have had several referrals for new people from past clients. I think if I was more diligent, I could really benefit from it. I have been slow to jump on board with a lot of these programs because they all seem so “gimmick-y”. This one may be, as well.. but I figure that it doesn’t hurt to try. Especially, if it is building on a tactic that I am already using. Some of the other systems..and webinars come with lots of helpful advice, but they don’t blend with my personality style. I don’t go out for the hard-sell and the “don’t take no for an answer” types of programs. This one doesn’t seem that way. It seems to give you a different way to prospect."

CONGRATULATIONS TRACY BUCIOR!  You set the standard for being the best professional you can be.